Is Matt out of Detroit now? That video was posted today but I’m pretty sure they already had their wrap party because I guy I know from school was there. 

I should have gone walkin around Detroit to say hello. 

ah well

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Doctor Who: The Great Detective (Christmas Special Prequel) - Children in Need 2012

Here it is! Matt and a friend host the prequel to the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Snowmen.

Find out more about Children in Need here!

We’ll be posting the trailer and four FIVE new images later today!

I melted at Marks voice ommmmggggg

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Here is the Poster Art for Doctor Who Series 7, Episode 1: Asylum of the Daleks.

When Steven said that each episode would feel like a mini movie, he wasn’t kidding.

Download a desktop image-worthy shot of it here.

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#oh god i was so confused because at first i thought this was jared padalecki #PLOT TWIST IT’S ACTUALLY MATT SMITH

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“I always liked it when you called me ‘old girl’.” -x

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#this just defines them really doesn’t it #matt with his floppy hair and peace sign and adorably clumsy personality #and benedict with a short salute and flawless slicked hair being the perfect dorky gentleman

This is the moment I was speechless and squawking in front of my computer screen with flappy hands.

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It appears that I may have just reblogged three variations of basically the same picture in a row

Go watch Christopher and His Kind

Not only does it have sexy, gay, and totally adorable Matt Smith but actually has a brilliant story and made me cry a bit. I loved it! 

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You belong everywhere I am. Everywhere. With me.

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