Sherlock has a fetish. John is a doctor and doesn’t have an aversion. The result: it’s fine, it’s all fine.

Not my kink at all but it’s pennydreadful and I didn’t mind it! Watersports! Like hardcore, so if you don’t like it ignore this one. If you’re cool with it read on! Like I said it’s pennydreadful and the way she writes porn and different kinks really opens your mind up. I am usually really grossed out by watersports but there were only a few things here I was like ew to. Which is good, right? I like the way she writes them, Sherlock is shy and almost embarrassed by it and John is ever willing and accepting. I love that. John loves Sherlock and is willing to try new things for his lover, and finds a kink of his own! I like how they play with each others kinks, it really works for them and strengthens their relationship. There are a few parts that I think Sherlock is OOC, mainly when he tries to tell John that the bath isn’t the place he wanted to play with his kink. He is grateful to John and I understand that but it’s OOC to me when he says stuff like ‘you’ve been so good to me and I feel awful saying this but..’ I think he would state it clearer, and not really feel as bad. If that makes sense. This Sherlock is a bit too nice for my taste. That’s my only problem though. What I want to point out for this fic and pennydreadful’s work in general is that this kink is written very realistically, it’s awkward and not perfect. They’re learning and exploring a new experience and it’s not something that happens every time they are together.  If you’re new to watersports but are curious this is a good way to ease yourself into that kink. Yes, parts are hardcore but it eases you into it and doesn’t throw you into it at once which is really good. Anyway, this is a really long review and I’m gonna stop now but I had a lot of feels about her work!

Word Count: 5,795

My Rating: A-/B+

Read it here, fic by pennydreadful 


She made me almost like watersports. 

That’s when you know a fic/author is good.