uh…temple of doom was on tv and now I’m watching raiders….I don’t really have any reasoning for this other than I want to see John Watson in Indy’s outfits 

This was really quickly done, so quality isn’t very good. Learned a new technique for getting painting like effects…not so into it but hey it was fun

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Here’s more of the Mass Effectlock manips I did, the John one is the same but he’s on the Normandy! I didn’t want to post the Sherlock one I did because that’s obviously Mordin with some edits and I didn’t like that but there’s not too many images I could find of Salarians to work with so I didn’t have much of a choice. Also Asari Molly!! Her little freckles are way too dark but I think at that point I was like omg can I be done with this. All the manips I did for Masslock probably was about 5-6 hours of Photoshop work -___-

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Indy has been drawing all these amazing MassLock drawings and I wish I could draw her something but I’m not good at that but I know Photoshop so I made a manip for her!! I also tried Molly as an asari so I’ll post that separate :)

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I’m a loser who can’t concentrate on actual work that needs to be done so here’s more potterlock 

I just want everything to be the same except they’re wizards and witches. You know Irene would be wicked at a duel 

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I owe you so much 

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Hey guys, I just threw this up on redbubble if you would like a postcard or shirt 

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Sherlock Holmes & John Watson

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Sherlock Series 1&2

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This is what happens when you listen to hipster music for hours. Hip Angst. /sobs

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thinkin bout my otp leaving each other sassy little notes makes me happy 

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A little photo that got cut from my “You Give Me Fever” cover but I still thought it was neat and wanted to share it with you because you can never have enough greaser!lock 

also it’s transparent and for some reason y’all like that. 

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Whenever I listen to this song I picture Fawnlock and John running through the forest chasing each other and having fun *u*

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