In my mind John Watson is a huge Monty Python fan and him and Lestrade make references whenever they can fit them in and no one can convince me otherwise. 

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If I could describe Greg Lestrade in one photo this would be it.

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Lestrade by ~Asta-Asta

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Lestrade: So that is an average day for you.
Mycroft: Indeed.
Lestrade: You disrupt traffic and save the world.
Mycroft: This is correct.
Lestrade: And you cry.
Mycroft: Certainly not.
Lestrade: You said-
Mycroft: I’M THE BOSS.

Mycroft would like to remind you that he’s got the longest comics. LIKE A BOSS!

(Original long-ass version is here, much easier to read)

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The Bone Fiddle


Appalachian AU! In November 1973, Vietnam vet John Watson returns to his family’s old home in Arthel County, West Virginia, deep in coal country. His low expectations include recuperation and boredom. Instead he finds a ruined landscape, a series of grisly murders, and one of the world’s weirdest neighbors.

This should not work. This should not work. This should not work! And yet it does. Now I’ve read AUs set in different time periods and places but they all made “sense” in the context of the show. For example “Northwest Passage” was set in Canada but Sherlock was from London. So while the Canada part was out there, it made sense. Before I read this I was convinced coal country Sherlock could not and would not work. It did. I am surprisingly in love with this story! The characterization and writing were flawless despite the odd setting. John I could see being easy to imagine being in coal country so I was more worried about Sherlock’s characterization. There’s nothing to worry about though, he’s Sherlock Holmes from 221B Baker St, London in his soul and that’s obvious. Everything about him, his tone of voice, mannerisms, and interests are all Sherlock except for the new slang he uses. The use of the slang was something that won me over, it’s decidedly not Sherlock (as we know him) but to be realistic of course he’d talk like that. He’s not a complete hick, but he isn’t completely removed from his surroundings. I loved the description of his home and his hearse! It was a very clever way to go about showing his character. There’s so many little details I loved about this, and one I have to mention is Sally. This is West Virginia in the 70’s, I’m very glad the author did not write her as having the same level of outspokenness and sass as she does in the show. It’s a very minor detail that made a huge difference. This story is first and foremost a casefic though and the case is very interesting! I loved the twists and turns and how it all came together in the end. It was very unique and clever, and totally creepy! I really enjoyed it! There is sex in the story, but it really fit with the time and place. There was an air of secrecy in their beginning relationship that I really loved. Not that I love the fact that it was a secret but if the author had written it out in the open it would be unrealistic and impractical for the setting. Kudos on that! I think that’s about all I have to say but I do want you to give this a chance. It’s different, and it might not be your cup of moonshine because of the setting, but it is very well written and unique. I really loved this story!

Word Count: 61,186

My Rating: A
Read it here, fic by 
htebazytook and Vulgarweed

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The Men of Sherlock 

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No More Heroes by Alioseven

Sherlock is injured badly whilst working on a case for Mycroft and his life is changed forever.

File under: WIPs that I’d sell my soul to get an update for. 

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The Baker Street Undead.

[Sherlock] [John] [Mycroft] [Lestrade] [Molly] [Mrs. Hudson] [Jim]  [Irene] [x]

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In Which John is a BAMFy MoFo, OMG!


John’s BAMFness and Sherlock’s damsel-in-distress act are caught forever on camera. So Scotland Yard can mock. A lot.

Omg. I just. I can’t. JFC. This has to be the funniest fanfic I’ve ever read without being over the top crack. Holy shit, I can’t breathe. Oh god read this. For one, it’s all pretty much in character. Sherlock deducing while he’s held at knife point and continuing after he was gagged was priceless! Then enters BAMF John Hamish Watson, kicking ass and saving princesses…or Sherlocks that is. The “swoon” was hilarious yet believable and I just can’t get over that mental image. Wow, this is hilarious. This made my night! 

EDIT: I know we never add gifs to reviews but I think a laughing Benny does a better review of this than I ever could :)

Word Count: 1,835

My Rating: A
Read it here, fic by Kantayra

best. fic. ever. 

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The Rise and Fall of LOLSherlock


John starts a new feature for his blog: LOLSherlock.

Okay, you need to take a look at this one! This is perfection! My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much! What makes this fic work is that it’s in the format of John’s blog, it really looks and feels like you’re on his blog reading through the LOLSherlock tag. Actually the next time I’m on his blog I think it’ll be hard to remind myself that this is fanfic and not canon. It honest to God seems like it’s real! If you read John’s blog posts and the comments they are very similar to this so many kudos on that. It’s also very believable in a way! It’s almost crackish but I can honestly see Sherlock doing everything in these posts. I was laughing uncontrollably at the spider! Omg. Just awesome, very well done! 

Word Count: 2,445 

My Rating: A
Read it here, fic by Kantayra

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Not Dead Yet


Sherlock Holmes has long been fascinated with (and haunted by) the tragic story of his namesake cousin. When his nightmares about it grow unbearable and he starts seeing hypnotherapist Jim Moriarty, however, Sherlock begins to wonder whether he himself is his cousin’s reincarnation. Have Sherlock and the modern John Watson known each other before this life? Can Sherlock solve a nineteenth-century murder and prove the historic Dr. Watson innocent, and also solve the current string of oddly-posed unidentified corpses?

I don’t even know how to write a review for this! My brain still isn’t properly working after this. Which is an amazing thing. If you don’t read the rest of the review, just go ahead and right now bookmark this fic and read it on a free day because it’s that good. Yes, it’s that good. One of the better fics I’ve read in a long time and that’s saying something because I don’t usually get this attached to casefics. This fic contained some the best plot twists, surprises, interesting cases, characterization, and wording that I’ve seen in a fic in awhile. And I’ll tell you one thing, this fic may have altered how I now view the canon. 

In this story we find our modern day Sherlock and John and we learn that Sherlock is actually related to the ACD’s version of Sherlock Holmes. We then learn that they might be more than just related. I loved Jim in this; I knew there was something off about him because, well, I know the canon but I wasn’t totally sure. I distrusted him that’s for sure but I didn’t know his role in the scheme of things. He actually seemed like I should trust him for awhile but then the voice in the back of my head said NO. A big round of applause for Sally in this fic! Wow, I’ve never liked her character before now. I honestly think this fic will help me view her character in a more positive light now. She was amazing; she’s smart and fearless and is dedicated to her job more than we give her credit for. Mycroft was a pleasant surprise as well, I have a lot more respect for him now as well. All the characters are written wonderfully. 

Now, as I’ve mentioned, this is a casefic! It started off kind of meh, I wasn’t totally invested in it for awhile but then it picks up. You start noticing things on your own and just when you think you might have noticed something BAM something new comes up and it blows your previous conclusion away. I loved that! It kept me on my toes, always wondering what’s going to happen next! I loved the references to the original Dr. Watson’s stories and how they played a part in Sherlock and John’s life. It was so planned out and intricate, this fic would surely give Mofftiss a run for their money! I’m not going to spoil anything, but let me tell you I have not reacted so strongly to a plot twist since I found out what the real storyline to The Swan Triad was. Yeah, it’s that kind of surprise. Looking back the story would not have worked as well if things didn’t pan out the way they did. Yet, that’s not the end of the plot twists. There’s several more before the story is done.

Also on a very short note, this isn’t a slash fic really. I thought that was surprising. I honestly thought for sure it’d give a clear answer to where their relationship leads. Despite not really knowing the exact nature of Sherlock and John’s relationship you know without a doubt that these two are soul mates. Their love, whether platonic or unrequited or romantic, is so strong and powerful that it’s proof to me of why I ship them. The Mary Morstan dynamic is also very interesting to me  and, considering how things play out, I really understand why it was her that Dr. Watson married. I think you might also be pleasantly surprised at that. 

I want to say more, I want to tell you about all the amazing things that happens in this story but I can’t! I know it will ruin it if I say more than I have. You just really need to read this. Do not be put off by it’s length. The story is strong and you will not once be bored of it. It’s going to be hard for me to separate the canon from this story because it really changed how I see most, if not all, the characters. If there was ever a fic I would want Moffat or Gatiss to read it’d be this one. 

Word Count: 105,297

My Rating: A
Read it here, fic by Castiron

Thanks to roane72 for suggesting I read this! You must tell me your thoughts on it when you finish!

THIS FUCKING FIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No More Heroes


Sherlock is injured badly whilst on a case for Mycroft and his life is changed forever.

THIS IS THE EXACT REASON I TRY NOT TO READ WIPS. But God am I glad I read this. You might want to wait until it’s done to read it but since it’s so long it might be a good idea to just start now and read it slowly? It’s just really good please do not pass this one up. Bookmark it, subscribe, whatever you need to do to remember this one. 

This story was really heartbreaking to read because Sherlock loses one of the most important aspects of his job and more importantly his life, his mobility. Gun shot wounds to the spine leave him paralyzed from his hip bones down, and now Sherlock and John have to fight to find what they now can call normal. This story basically did away with everything we’ve come to expect from fanfiction, the romance and slash is not even important and it’s rarely touched upon. What is important is the characters, what they’re feeling and going through. The ups the downs, the embarrassing bits, and the moments of pain. It’s all very real, and it almost scares me how accurate this is. This story does not shy away from issues that others would skim over, mainly being Sherlock having to deal with his bowel movements and urinating. It’s something I think that would not be in other stories because it makes people uncomfortable and frankly it’s embarrassing to talk about. I give mad props to this author for not running away from that challenge. It made the story that much better.

Staying realistic I’m very relived that no one turned into a saint. Sherlock doesn’t have a new optimistic outlook on life, he’s angry and scared and God it hurts to see him feeling so helpless. He’s a downright asshole for most of this and I cannot thank the author enough for that. His life has changed completely and he has every right to be furious. John too isn’t a perfect little angel. He’s also angry and lost and is struggling to stay strong for Sherlock. He can be a right dick sometimes too and that makes him real. One of the parts I loved most about John was his constant pop culture references and jokes, it really helped keep this story from being too angsty! The characters are the strongest part of this story, they’re written flawlessly. Especially some of the minor characters! One of the biggest surprises is Sally Donovan! Instead of taking the easy way out and making Sally regret her past and be nice to Sherlock, she isn’t. She’s a downright bitch and oh how I love the author for that! Wow, that was refreshing and excellent writing. I remember one part of Sally saying she would never wish this on anyone and she’s sad it happened but she still hates him and thinks he’s a freak. Thank you so much for sticking to her character!  

This story, as I briefly mentioned, is remarkably realistic in his injuries and recovery. It really hit home for me because when my dad was recovering from his motorcycle accident he couldn’t put any weight on his legs and seeing him, my dad who’s so strong and brave, not being able to do something as simple as getting from his wheelchair to a bed is heartbreaking. No I don’t mean ‘oh that was sad’ it’s literally the worst feeling I’ve ever felt. Because there’s nothing, nothing you can do to change it and make things better. You feel the pain right alongside the characters, sitting there not being able to do anything as Sherlock fights to get around and there’s nothing John or Lestrade or Mycroft and all his money can do to change a thing. The medical jargon used and the description was flawless, I believe the author had help and it really showed. Nothing was watered down or sugarcoated, it was all very real. 

I love this, I honestly wish I had waited to do my top 20 list because it would without a doubt be on there. One of the better fics I’ve read. It’s painful, emotional, real, and intimate. I really felt close to the characters and feel I know them a little better now. It was made even better by the little jokes shared between John and Sherlock and their stolen moments of intimacy. Yes, it’s a WIP but I promise you you will not regret reading this one. It’s amazing, truly amazing. 

Word Count(So Far): 94,444 Chapter 25/?

My Rating: A
Read it here, fic by Alioseven 


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Multiply (The Sum of Our Parts)


After Reichenbach and in order to 1) Keep Sherlock alive, 2) Keep John alive and 3) Get Sherlock home to England as soon as possible, Mycroft devises a plan that will not only incentivise John’s continued sanity and survival but force Sherlock to come running. It is a perfect plan, though perhaps less than ethically sound. He has no doubts that using frozen samples of your younger brother’s sperm to create children for his husband to care for falls deeply within the realm of socially unacceptable behaviour, but it is efficient, and that is what matters most.

To say I was on the brink of tears this entire fic would be an understatement. It killed me in the very best way possible. Go ahead and put this one on my top favorites list and settle in for what I’m sure will be a very long review.

First off I’ll quickly talk about the writing a bit so you can skip the long review if you want to. It’s written amazingly. I felt every emotion and it honestly affected me. Some parts I had tears in my eyes because I was so unbelievably happy and others the tears were from my heart ripping into pieces. This story also has some of the best character studies I’ve seen and a few times I wanted to highlight sections because it just explicitly spelled out their entire personalities. I was very impressed. However, if you are one to want to know the details right away you will not enjoy the pacing and arrangement of this story. Several times something important will happen in the present and will leave on a cliff hanger to go into a long section of past events or memories. I remember reading one part going ‘OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED?’ and was taken to something in the past. If this will bother you, you still should read it but be prepared for it. It did not bother me however, though at times frustrated me. But hell, we’re Sherlockians! We’re used to the wait ;)

We come into this story right after the Fall, but in this reality John and Sherlock were married. Their relationship could not be any closer to my headcanon. They love each other, deliriously so, but it takes two weeks after their marriage for Sherlock to tell John so. It was just an unspoken knowledge between them, they were Sherlock and John and nothing could come between them. They were not uncharacteristically fluffy and emotional yet neither were they extremely void of emotion and sentiment at this time. After the Fall John is brought to Sherlock’s childhood home to live with Mycroft and Mummy, this is where the story picks up and you learn about Mycroft’s plan. His plan that involves Sherlock’s frozen sperm. You can see where this leads; a baby. The decision to go through with the plan is a hard one for John to make which I appreciated because John isn’t one to jump into a commitment like this without thinking it over. I appreciate how John is characterized after the Fall, he is not a wilting flower yet you can clearly see how broken and empty he is. He’s a shell of his former self. The lost however is not all on John, we learn that Sherlock too is lost without his blogger, without his husband. It is with Sherlock, post-Reichenbach, that his characterization becomes drastically different from what we’re used to, it is also where I feel like I should not feel he is in character and yet I do. He’s desperate, his need to protect John is more important than old scores and pride. It’s hard for him but he’s asking for help, he understands that he cannot do this alone and I applaud this change of character for being written believably. When the children are born I both cried for happiness on John’s part and deep and utter sadness at Sherlock’s longing to hold them, to know everything about his children and know he couldn’t. That broke my heart. There is an interlude at this point and we learn more about John and Sherlock and the details of their wedding and their reception at Mummy’s estate. It was a really good look into their relationship and the relationship that Sherlock has with his past. When the story picks up again we find John adapting to fatherhood and it really is a struggle. Many fics gloss over the challenge it is to raise a child but I think this story captured it very well. Also John’s undying love and protective nature towards his children is suburb. Those children are his life and you do not doubt that for a moment. I could go on more with the plot but I feel like this is the part where I need to edit for spoilers. It is an excellent story and I’d like you to find out some details on your own. What else I will say is John finding out Sherlock was alive was perfect, I loved the rage. It was very much John to me. The scene where Sherlock finally gets to meet his children left me a weeping mess, it was so adorable and yet so sad. Sherlock just breaks my heart in this. He hurts so much and there’s nothing I can do to help him. Oh how my heart just shattered at the very end when…well I can’t tell you about that but it’s towards the end and oh just read it. Editing for spoilers there’s a major little detail about Sherlock’s past that really rationalized everything he did for me. I understood why he needed to protect John and the reason why he was so loving towards his children. It makes perfect sense. You’ll know what I’m talking about. I don’t know what else to say about the plot that won’t spoil everything! 

Basically, you just need to read this. It had everything. Married Johnlock, Parentlock, BAMF John, heartbreaking Sherlock, passionate sex, even a badass little part for Irene, and who can forget the force that is Celeste Marie Holmes AKA Mummy. Without a doubt one of my new favorites and a Sherlock fandom must read. In my opinion it’s a lot better than a good number of the fics on the top 20 list…but again that’s my opinion. Now go form your own. 

Word Count: 103,085

My Rating: A

Read it here, fic by 1electricpirate

Many thanks to danflan for submitting this fic!


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«One of Those Rainy Days»

A birthday gift for my friend emregis


Oh. My. God. So. Beautiful.

My shipper heart is pleased.

Sharing a Brolly: headcanon since 2011.

Still loving this.

absolutely gorgeous

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