221B Colors! Based on this post and my response to it, I decided to put these scenes together without any editing to their colors to show the true color tones. 

JW/SH- Dark warm tones and fire= Intimate, cozy, home. John feels comfortable here and so does the viewer. It also has a yellowish/goldish feel which tells us that they are being open with each other. They trust each other and are not keeping secrets here. They are both happy and content in this scene. 

MH/SH- Neutral tones no fire= shows the state of their relationship. Neither warm nor cold. Closest to reality, lack of emotion. The tone is verging on a green tint which could show how Mycroft is trying to build a relationship with his brother (unsuccessfully) or it could represent the sibling rivalry with the green showing (past?) envy. Despite the slightly green tint the tone is remaining, for the most part, close to reality. 

IA/SH-  Rich red tones and fire= seductive, intimate, danger. Irene is playing with Sherlock’s emotions, trying to seduce him. The viewer is intended to be seduced along with Sherlock yet the bright white light from the lamp on Sherlock’s side might suggest he’s staying pure from her advances (not as present in this cap as before). The red also helps represent the sexual implications behind their conversation. 

SH/JM- Green tones, no fire= They’ve switched Sherlock into John’s chair, they are making Moriarty the dominant one. Green commonly represents growth, which could be describing Sherlock’s growth in knowledge about Moriarty’s plans. Green also represents evil and greed, I think you can figure out why that’s important here. The viewer is supposed to feel the fact that this situation is wrong wrong wrong! Going with the growth idea this could signify the start of something new: The Fall.  

JW- Cold, very blue no fire= Death, plain and simple. Shows the coldness ofthe home without Sherlock and John’s grief. Blue is thought to be a calming color but this shade suggests death rather than therapy. It’s almost like the tone is corpse, which has lost it’s color due to blood loss. 221B has lost it’s life and has turned colorless. Blue also shows trust, which could be a representation of John’s loyalty to Sherlock. This is the first time we see blue tones in 221B.  

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